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Royal Tea's

As tea enthusiasts to launch our own label tea was always on the agenda. After extensive research, choosing and tasting a variety of teas was the easy part. We then had to choose which teas we wanted to offer along with the names. We decided to go with four blends. English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea & Fruit Tea. 

Each tea is carefully packaged in a beautiful pouch & tied with a ribbon. Inside awaits 15 silk pyramid teabags.

 They really make the perfect gift for all tea lovers. 

Available in store*

*Contact us if you wish to purchase online

Four delicious blends exclusively for Cup a Cha


A delicious berry fruit tea that tastes fantastic and is so refreshing. A combination of hibiscus, rosehip, blackcurrants, elderberries and raisins results in the most extraordinary flavours that burst through in a truly delicious fruit tea. Drink it hot or as an ice tea. Either way you'll have a cuppa that's great tasting and healthy too!


Picture those mornings when there's just enough time to pause before the busy day ahead and a peaceful calm surrounds - well that's the ambience each sip of this breakfast tea will provide. A careful blend of Assam and Kenyan black teas are mixed with a sprinkle of calming Safflower petals to produce a wonderful, full bodied tasting tea with a slight mellow astringency. 


You might find yourself saying "This is the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted". Not a bold claim, simply what people say, repeatedly. Using only natural flavours and oils there's no aftertaste or overpowering perfume. 


Made from only Sencha harvested during the early spring when the quality of leaf is at its best, this flavoured Sencha is a delightful combination of high quality Sencha green tea, rose petals and natural cherry flavour. A smooth tea with refreshing subtle flavours you can enjoy any time of the day. 

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