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Royal Mail

We are delighted to showcase letters we have received from members of The Royal Family in our tearoom, for all to see and enjoy. At all special occasions, we offer customers the opportunity to send their best wishes. You too can be part of our history.


HRH The Queen

We received our first Royal letter in March 2017 from Her Majesty, The Queen. It features a response to our letter an also a Thank you card for celebrating HRH 90th birthday.


HRH Princess Eugenie of York & Mr Jack Brooksbank

A Thank you card from the newlyweds was received just 5 days after posting in November 2018.


Owner Amy & Derek

In November 2018, Derek was introduced to our tearoom by our longstanding regular Ruth. A few weeks later Derek gifted us with this beautiful picture. The Queen with members of the Warrant Officers & Sergeants Mess of the Queens Lancashire Regiment. There are only three in existence. One at the Regiment, one at Buckingham Palace and the third at Cup a Cha. Photo taken by Derek.


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

After a huge celebration was held to celebrate Harry & Meghan's wedding in May 2018, in October we received a Thank you card from the couple.


HRH Princess Eugenie of York & Mr Jack Brooksbank

Embossed with gold initials, the card received is handwritten.

✉️ ROYAL MAIL ✉️ We are extremely deligh

HRH Prince Charles of Wales

We wrote to Prince Charles of Wales after he celebrated his 70th birthday in November 2018. We sent our best wishes along with a personaised card. We received a beautiful letter along with a thank you card in February 2019. 

kate middleton.jpg

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

In March 2019, we received a letter & photo postcard from The Duchess of Cambridge. This was in reply to our best wishes sent to mark The Duchess of Cambridge 37th birthday who was interested to learn about our Royal themed tearoom. 

H&M 1.jpg

HRH The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

In June 2019, The Duke & Duchess of Sussex sent us a photo postcard & letter thanking us for our well wishes on their 1st wedding anniversary. 

H~&M 2.jpg

HRH The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

In June 2019, The Duke & Duchess of Sussex sent us a second reply on the occasion of their 1st wedding anniversary thanking all the customers at Cup a Cha for their well wishes and to thank us all for celebrating their wedding day. 


HRH The Queen

In September 2019, her majesty The Queen sent Cup a Cha and customers who wished well on the occasion of The Queen's 93rd birthday a thank you letter and expressed her interest in our collection of Royal memorabilia.

kate & wills.jpg

HRH The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and family

We received a beautiful postcard of a family portrait in Feb 2021. After receiving a signed card from the team & customers of Cup a Cha, we were delighted to receive a response. 

pPrincess Anne.jpg

HRH Princess Anne

In February 2021, we received our first Royal postcard off Princess Anne. A beautiful portrait of The Princess and reply following our best wishes sent over the Christmas period.

duke and queen.jpg

HRH The Queen & Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

A letter we will truly treasure. The final correspondence we are so lucky to have received from The Late Prince Philip, Duke Edinburgh. February 2021.

RIP Your Highness.

Charles & Camilla.jpg

HRH Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

Our first joint response which we received in March 2021. We love their chosen image for their beautiful postcard. Relaxed and with their dogs at home. 

We love the family photos released by Th

Who will reach our Royal Hall of Fame?

Who will write to us next?

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

In September 2019, The Duke of Edinburgh responded to our card sent to mark the occasion of his 97th birthday. The letter was written just 8 days after we signed our card and received days later.

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